Historically, women have been the backbone of men’s success in many different prominent situation of life. Men have achieved greatness, all with the encouragement of a woman from the background and in some cases standing right in front for the world to see.  Today’s society has many men lost and outright confused. We treat our women with minimal respect and expect them to maintain628x471 their love, dignity and respect for us.  Men are not doing their part as fathers, husbands or even the significant other.  Women today are beginning to let go of the “HOPE” they once had. Men are not as quick to accomplish tasks for themselves or anyone else.  Traits such as this carry on to our young men that will soon be the leaders of this world.

Taking a glance into the media you’ll see that many accomplished men had the support of a women “Solely”.  They watched over their son and encouraged him to understand he had the ability to do great things and ensured he understood that nothing is impossible.  Many feel this is the role of the father but the woman is becoming perfectionist of the art of parenting both young men and women.  Each generation develops new and improved people to maintain and lead this world. These young men develop with technology and the changing planet all while keeping that motivation instilled by a woman (Mother) that “accomplishments are measured from your will to achieve them”.

In many conversations I’ve heard simple support, rather direct or indirect within a relationship helps men not only accomplish but exceed the initial expectation.  Psychologists say that men are internally responding to a demand to accomplish and achieve because they are expected to do so and have always been taught just that.  Many men, when allowed to do as they wish without that support &  motivation tend to stray away from their goals simply because there is no one to please.  They minimize the importance of their goals and accomplish them at a degraded rate.

what-men-secretly-wantThere is a phrase “Men are always looking for praise”.  This is true, in some strange unintentional way; men react to praise, simple as that. This goes along with the concept of “It’s the simple things”.  Women are powerful in their own right and have always been.  They are the perfect being to impress simply because they are impressive.  Men have a long way to go before someone can say they have identified the true definition of what a man is all about.  “God” is perfect yet he created us with flaws simply because no one is to be better than he.

After a year of pending forward progress on this site and others, it was a woman who motivated me to follow through. She simply acknowledged a skill I possessed and triggered me into action. Thank You.

“A woman has the ability to reach the core of a mans soul, motivating him to have a clear path for success.”