It’s very hard to keep a secret these days, and while that might be frustrating for some filmmakers it’s not a detriment to the enjoyment of their movies. We now know about a number of original Ghostbusters cast members making cameo appearances in the upcoming reboot, and while that takes away the surprise, it leaves us with anticipation about seeing the beloved actors reunited on screen, albeit not necessarily together in the same scene.

Here’s a quick guide to who is known to be coming back and where you can find them in the new movie, plus our pick for one more person we wish were joining them (and maybe is but hasn’t had his cameo leaked yet). 


Bill Murray
Original Role: Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbuster
New Role: Professional Supernatural Debunker?

Murray’s involvement was confirmed last month by The Hollywood Reporter, but his role wasn’t given. While still not a certain bet, there’s belief, courtesy of those who’ve read the script, that he’s playing a ghost debunker character who was apparently written specifically with him in mind. 


Dan Aykroyd
Original Role: Dr. Raymond Stantz, Ghostbuster
New Role: Cab Driver

Aykroyd personally revealed his cameo by tweeting about it from the set, and while he deleted the social media slip, Entertainment Weekly confirmed the appearance with his reps. In his tweet he stated that his scene is with Kristen Wiig, and Indie Revolver reported that he’s playing the conspiracy-obsessed driver of a taxi she tries to hail. Apparently there’s a funny nod to the “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” line, too.


Ernie Hudson 
Original Role: Winston Zeddmore, Ghostbuster
New Role: Unknown

As we reported earlier this weekGhostbusters reboot director Paul Feig confirmed this one on Twitter (reluctantly, apparently) without giving details away. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog made the assumption that he could be back as Winston, but that wouldn’t fit with the rest of the cameos not being reprisals of original roles. 


Annie Potts
Original Role: Janine Melnitz, Ghostbusters secretary
New Role: Hotel Clerk

The Boston Herald reported that they heard Potts was seen on set playing a hotel clerk, so look out for the redhead actress if there’s a new take on the Sedgwick Hotel sequence (i.e. the Slimer sequence) or just some scene where one of the new Ghostbusters checks in to stay somewhere. 


Sigourney Weaver
Original Role: Dana Barrett (aka the “Gatekeeper”)
New Role: Unknown

Feig went ahead and (reluctantly again) revealed this one via Twitter, because he knew it was going to be leaked anyway. However, details of her role are not (yet) known. It would be funny if she got to play the part she suggested during the Chappie junket months ago: “the ancient librarian.” 


Original Role: Slimer
New Role: Slimer

Among their revelations last week, The Boston Herald claimed that while the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will not be stomping any more ground in this movie, the green ghoul known as Slimer will be back, and his origins will even be shown. The only other major ghost that’s known to be haunting the reboot gang is a Tyrannosaurus rex, perhaps to cash in on the Jurassic World success.


Still Needed:

William Atherton
Original Role: Walter Peck, EPA lawyer

With Harold Ramis no longer with us and Rick Moranis completely retired, there’s only one more recognizable person from the original 1984 movie who needs to make an appearance, and that’s everyone’s favorite 1980s movie jerk. We would love to see him play a likable guy as an ironic twist.


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