One of the best scenes in Avengers: Age of Ultron — and honestly it might even be the film’s best scene — involves all of our favorite heroes just chillin’ out at Stark’s crib, throwing a few back in their street clothes and cracking jokes about each others’ powers, specifically Thor.

In the scene, everyone tries to lift up Thor’s hammer, though they fail because only Thor can lift Thor’s hammer. Well YouTuber Allen Pan wanted to bring this scene into the real world, and set out to craft a hammer that could only be picked up by one person. Using powerful magnets and fingerprint technology, Pan managed to actually create a hammer that only he can lift… assuming the conditions are right and it’s on a metal surface.

Watch the video (via Slashfilm) below and be amazed.


And here’s the full scene from Age of Ultron, including an additional one where Vision picks up the hammer. So does that make Pan the Vision?

(And how much slack is this guy Pan getting from his friends with a movie called Pan now in theaters?)

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