Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Now that the solo Batman project from Ben Affleck has officially been confirmed, attention has turned to what story will be told in the movie. We know that Affleck has been working with DC’s Geoff Johns on a screenplay for “the definitive Batman film,” which may feature a variety of villains

Johns has been writing for DC Comics since 2000 and has served as Chief Creative Officer for the company since 2010. He has written a wide variety of comics over the years and may be best known for his work featuring The Flash and Green Lantern. Of note, he collaborated with artist Gary Frank on Batman: Year One, a graphic novel published in 2012 that was out of continuity for the character. Recently, he was named as one of two executives to be given control of a dedicated film division for DC properties at Warner Bros.

Now it’s been revealed that Affleck already provided more details about his likely intentions. On the red carpet before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered in Mexico City back in March, he told Cine Argentinas that he would “borrow certain things from the great comic books but create an original story around it. I wouldn’t want the fans to already know the story and be familiar with it, but I would borrow and steal great things that have been done before in the comics.”


The interview with Affleck, conducted primarily in English, begins at the 7:24 mark in the video above. (As a side note, it’s pretty cool to hear him speaking in Spanish for a portion of the chat.) The solo movie wasn’t officially confirmed until the following month, but clearly Affleck and Johns had already worked out the basic thrust of the story.

Affleck will next appear as Batman in Suicide Squad, due on August 5, followed by Justice League Part One, scheduled for November 17, 2017, and Justice League Part Two, set for June 14, 2019. We’re still waiting to hear when the solo Batman movie will smash into theaters.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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