So you’re a huge Captain America fan and you’re attending Salt Lake City Comic-Con with the woman you love (who’s a huge Black Widow fan), and you have a chance to pose for a photo opp with Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and Cap’s old flame, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). What do you do?

Well, you ask that lady to marry you — that’s what you do.

While posing for a photo with the Marvel stars, one dude actually did do this — much to the surprise of his soon-to-be wife, and also to Evans and Atwell, who are just as shocked when the Cap-dressed fan got down on one knee to pop the question. 

Check out some photos from the moment in question, which we’re sure these two lovebirds will never forget.



As far as Evans and Atwell, they were pretty honored to be part of it all. Atwell took to Twitter with these comments after the fact.



Congrats you two! Now if you can just get Samuel L. Jackson to officiate the wedding dressed as Nick Fury…

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