Hail Caesar Scarlett Johansson

The list of names that’ll be in the credits for Hail, Caesar! is, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

Josh Brolin
George Clooney
Scarlett Johansson
Channing Tatum
Ralph Fiennes
Jonah Hill
Tild Swinton
David Krumholtz
Frances McDormand
Clancy Brown
Fisher Stevens
Robert Picardo
Alden Ehrenreich
Alex Karpovsky
Dolph Lundgren

Oh, and there’ll be those Written and Directed by credits for Joel and Ethan Coen. We’re sure we don’t have to say anything else at this point. Either you’re already sold by this project or you’re not, and if you are not, we assume it’s because you just arrived on this planet and you don’t know who any of those people are and why seeing all of those names in the same place is so exciting.

But should you happen to require more information, here is the first trailer for Hail, Caesar!, a comedy about old time Hollywood from the directors of Raising ArizonaThe Big Lebowski, and Burn After Reading. Warning: It’s going to make the wait for the February 5, 2016 release much, much harder.


Article source: http://www.movies.com/movie-news/hail-caesar-movie-trailer/19335?wssac=164&wssaffid=news