We caught the world premiere of Housebound, a horror comedy from New Zealand, at SXSW and immediately fell in love with the way it mixes together a traditional haunted-house setup with a slasher mentality. It’s about a rebellious daughter who gets placed on house arrest and has to live with her quirky mother who is convinced the house is haunted. Hilarity and a pretty healthy dose of horror ensue.

And I do mean hilarity. Housebound is actually one of the more consistently funny movies I’ve seen this year. However, since everyone seems to handle horror in comedy differently (some people just outright don’t get it when a movie is both funny and scary), it’s always hard to market the lighter side of a horror movie. So, you don’t really get the comedy aspect of Housebound in the first U.S. trailer for the movie, but that’s okay.

We just wanted to put the movie back on your radar and give you a glimpse of what we fell in love with this past March, and what the rest of the U.S. will hopefully fall in love with when Housebound hits theaters, VOD and iTunes on October 17, 2014.




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