Gold: The image above is our first look at the first theatrical feature helmed by Stephen Gaghan since 2006’s Syriana. In case you don’t recognize the sweaty balding gentleman on the left, that’s Matthew McConaughey, who plays a struggling businessman in search of gold in Indonesia. On the right is his partner, a geologist played by Edgar Ramirez. Gaghan, who won an Oscar for his Traffic script and was nominated for writing Syriana, is here working off and contributing to an original screenplay by Lara Croft: Tomb Raider writers Patrick Massett and John Zinman. [EW]


Ghostbusters: Sony confirms they’re developing another Ghostbusters movie, this one an animated feature. While details are not certain, this apparently won’t involve the characters in the upcoming reboot nor the original bunch and may be set somewhere other than New York City. Also, rumor has it that the story will be told from the ghost’s perspective. Perhaps Slimer is finally getting the movie spin-off he deserves? [The Wrap]


The Boy Who Drew Monsters: Keith Donohue’s 2014 horror novel The Boy Who Drew Monsters will be adapted into a movie produced by filmmaker James Wan (The Conjuring) with New Line set to distribute. The fantastical premise involves a 10-year-old kid who, you guessed it, draws monsters that come to life. The screenplay will be written by Richard Naing and Ian Goldberg, the latter a former writer of the Disney TV series Once Upon a Time. [THR]


The Choice Trailer: The next Nicholas Sparks adaptation doesn’t arrive until just before Valentine’s Day, but the first trailer for the romantic drama has arrived. This one pairs fated lovers played by Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) and Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and seems to have some tearjerking moments involving a car crash and a coma. Be sure to have a tissue box ready when this hits theaters on February 5, 2016. 



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