Geeks around the world are still coming to terms with the passing of artist H.R. Giger – and while many will remember him for his fantastic artwork that helped make the Alien franchise a reality, Giger had countless other projects during the course of his career.

The Mystery of San Gottardo was a science fiction film he’d been crafting since the 1970s, and it unfortunately never came to fruition. With Giger’s passing, it seems likely the project will never see the light of a film projector, but we can all marvel over the various concept-art pieces the visionary illustrator left behind.

First conceived back in 1963, San Gottardo was set to be a “unique love story,” the kind only Giger could create.

“It is about a man and his love for a freak of nature, Armbeinda, which is really a sentient limb combining an arm and a leg. It is the further development of a recurring image in my work over the last 30 years,” the artist told Cinefantastique magazine in a 1994 interview. He went on to add that he hoped to make the film without CGI.

You’ll see one piece of ridiculously freaky concept art to the left featuring a woman in a swimming pool while a bunch of sentient limbs creep up behind her.  

While The Mystery of San Gottardo never got made, the project did inspire Taschen to publish a book filled with the artist’s images for the film in 1998. It’s since gone out of print, but hanks to the magic of the Internet we can still track down many of the drawings that were influential in determining the direction of the project.

Check out some of that artwork below, then find more over at io9




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