Star Wars collectors tend to not really care about the price of something so long as they want it bad enough. Heck, they shell out hundreds of dollars only to never take a collectible out of its original packaging. And if you’re that type of fan, you may want to brace yourself for this news.

Seriously, take a seat. This is cool news, but it’s also terrible, terrible news for your bank account.

Lucasfilm has launched a Star Wars Collectibles: Ultimate Studio Edition series of prop replicas that are flawless recreations of the props used in The Force Awakens. We’re not talking things mass produced in a factory, either. These replicas are made-to-order by the very same Pinewood Studios propmakers who worked on the movie. So naturally the attention to detail is staggering, as is the price.

Perhaps even more crushing than the cost is the limited nature of a few of those items. So even if you do have $3,500 to spend on a melted Darth Vader helmet, you better hope you’re one of the 500 people on the planet lucky enough to snag one.

These props are on sale now, so head here to snag yours. Or just get a closer look and weep knowing they’re out of reach. And if you happen to think collectibles are a bit silly, just watch this instead.


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