I know this topic will be very controversial; it will raise many questions and discussions.  The concept behind chasing the cat is simply the pursuit of a woman.  You may or may not be aware of the statistics today. Where (I / We) as men have something very interesting in our favor.  We have the honor of having 9 women for each 1 of us.  Before things get heated… I’m referring to the statistical fact that women outnumber men 9 to 1, globally.  Of course any man that is willing to take on 9 women and treat them equally… all I can say is “GOOD LUCK WITH THAT”

In the olden days it was expected that a man would go out of his way for the love of a woman.  In some instances one can say that this may still be true.  To make it simple men are visual in most aspects.  We have the capability to analyze and give a percentile of our chances with a woman.  We are not always correct but depending on what we have decided.  Our ability to pursue will eventually out way the actuality, rather it is in our favor or not. Depending on a man’s personality the pursuit can range from an established friendship with the intent of more to being direct and just asking for what you want.  Don’t get me wrong, not every man wants to lay you down the moment he sees you “BUT” trust and believe it has crossed his mind.

Today’s society has changed, as a man; my chances are far greater of finding a good woman then a woman’s chances of scoring with a “Good Man”.  With that being said, what is so wrong with a woman presenting her interest?  You may be beautiful with wonderful qualities and features, but you may make it difficult to talk to you due to your natural nature to be pursued.  To be honest “The Chase” can be fun and you learn a lot about a person.  Many aren’t aware of what “The Chase” is even about. Let me explain:

When a man has a woman in his “Cross Hairs” or (view), the pursuit can now begin. With whatever initial outlook in mind he will work a method to engage the woman.  Depending on the initial response he’ll then understand if the pursuit should continue or stop at that moment.  As stated before, a man’s character plays a major role in this decision.  Some men can’t accept any answer but the one they intended to receive. Given that a woman gives a signal to proceed, “The Chase” has an officially begun.


The question still at hand is, being that I may be what is considered a quality man, is it still expected for me to do all the work as it is clearly recognized that I may be “What You Want”? Women today are powerful, independent, rich, beautiful etc. You are also plentiful, common, well matched and you have tons of comparable candidates.  In essence, women do not feel that you haven’t found that right man, your time will come and you’ll find each other, what this article’s intention was to open your eyes to the present and stop feeling as if you keep getting the wrong guy, have no luck with finding him, or your completely done with them all together.  Start screening your own candidates and bring the pursuit to them instead of him weeding through the bunch and finding you.  I understand you may feel or be special, but as the statistics show the other 8 women I’m sure will feel the same way.

“Despite the obvious, one should always pursue what they feel is in their best interest. It will soon be determined if the pursuit was meant to enjoy now or if it were an experience to prepare you for what has yet to come”