Even in the best of lighting conditions and the happiest of circumstances, dolls are still pretty dang creepy. Cast a few shadows on them, change the music, maybe throw some lightning outside the window and they can become downright terrifying. That’s why creepy dolls are such a go-to in horror movies. You barely have to do anything to make them scary.

But that’s also why creepy dolls are a bit played out. They’re such a casual part of horror movies that while people may still react to a doll, it doesn’t really leave much of an impact. You’ve got to do something super weird to make a doll stand out in a horror movie these days, and it looks like the makers of The Boy have figured that out.

Here’s the gist: A young woman (Lauren Cohan) lands a cushy job as the nanny for the boy of a rich family, only to discovers the boy is in fact a life-size doll that the parents treat as if it were a real child. But since being a nanny to a doll is a very, very easy job, she decides to stay and take the paycheck. When she violates the list of rules the parents give her, though, things get extra freaky.

What’s so great about this trailer is how much it doubles down on its absurd premise. The Boy looks like a movie that understands people buying tickets to horror movies want a bit of that exaggerated “I know this isn’t real, let’s just go with it” experience. Not every horror movie has to go for gritty realism, and so it’s refreshing to see something that isn’t afraid to get silly and strange, all with a sinister smile on its face.

The Boy hits theaters on January 22, 2016.


Article source: http://www.movies.com/movie-news/boy-trailer-creepy-doll/19370?wssac=164&wssaffid=news