The summer movie season is over, but that doesn’t mean all the good geeky movies are behind us. Far from it, in fact.

This coming fall (and early winter) is peppered with the sort of geeky movies you’d do well to put on your own calendar – as well as a few films you might want to check out for the sake of comic-book shop conversation or the possibility of finding a nice, under-the-radar surprise.

Here are ten geeky movies hitting theaters over the next few months to keep an eye out for:


The Movie Everyone Will Be Talking About: The Martian (October 2)

Matt Damon is an astronaut stranded on Mars who has to figure out a way to survive on the alien planet and let his crew and mission control know he’s alive in this sci-fi thriller that’s been described as “Cast Away on Mars.” The film’s directed by celebrated Alien and Blade Runner filmmaker Ridley Scott, and it’s based on a self-published book that became a bestseller. That book begins with the protagonist stating very matter-of-factly, “I’m pretty much f—ed.” What’s not to like?


The Movie We’ve Been Talking About For A Really, Really Long Time: Crimson Peak (October 16)

It feels like we’ve been speculating about Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic, haunted-house horror movie for years now, and the buzz has been getting better and better with every detail that emerges. Not only does it star Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, but he’s playing opposite Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam in a film that offers yet another opportunity for Del Toro to bring all of his scariest ideas to life. Heck, Stephen King got a sneak peek at the film and said it “electrified me in the same way Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead electrified me when I saw it back in the day.” Take my money now, Mr. Del Toro.


The Movie You Didn’t Know About: Hell and Back (October 2)

This “R”-rated, stop-motion animated feature has a cast and creative team composed of some of the funniest, irreverent people in Hollywood, including Nick Swardson, Bob Odenkirk, Mila Kunis, T.J. Miller, Rob Riggle, Danny McBride, and just about anyone else who made you laugh at an inappropriate joke over the last few years. Penned by comic-book writers Hugh Sterbakov and Zeb Wells, the film follows a pair of friends who descend into Hell to rescue their pal, and end up dealing with various misfit demons, Greek legends, and of course, Satan (voiced by Odenkirk). It also features Susan Sarandon as the voice of “Barb the Angel,” so it’s got some A-list star power, too.


The Movie For People Who Liked Cabin In The Woods: The Final Girls (October 9)

Recent movies like The Cabin in the Woods and Tucker Dale vs. Evil did a great job of playing with the tropes of the horror genre in fun, creative ways, and director Todd Strauss-Schulson’s upcoming movie The Final Girls appears to be offering another funny, self-aware spin on scary films. American Horror Story actress Taissa Farmiga plays a teenage girl who finds herself and her friends transported into a summer-camp slasher movie and must figure out a way to escape the film without falling victim to the film’s plodding killer or the hormone-crazy camp counselors.


The Obligatory Zombie Movie: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (October 30)

We haven’t quite reached full-on zombie fatigue yet, so every list needs to include at least one film featuring a fresh – or at the very least, not entirely rotten – spin on the eternal struggle between the living and the undead, flesh-hungry hordes. This time around, it’s a raunchy movie about a bunch of idealistic, overzealous boy scouts who are suddenly forced to earn their apocalyptic zombie outbreak badge.


The Movie(s) Your Anime Friends Will Be Talking About: Attack on Titan, Part 1 Part 2 (September 30 October 20)

One of the most popular manga and anime series in the world right now, Attack on Titan was destined for a big-screen adaptation. The result is this two-part feature about a post-apocalyptic world in which the remaining human survivors gather in walled cities living in constant fear of the massive, man-eating “Titans” that walk the land. If you’ve been to a comic or anime convention at any point in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one or more people dressed like Titans or the soldiers tasked with battling them.


The Obligatory Oscar Movie: Steve Jobs (October 9)

If you’re going to watch one Oscar-friendly biopic, you might as well make it the one about the guy who invented – or at the very least, deconstructed, revised, and improved – some of the most ubiquitous technology in our lives right now. And hey, if it gets a little slow, just pretend Michael Fassbender is playing Magneto during one of those story arcs when he lost his memory and mutant powers.


The Movie That Looks So Bad It Might Be Good: The Last Witch Hunter (October 23)

Vin Diesel is an immortal witch-hunter who fights all manner of supernatural creature in order to protect humanity. In fact, just let that first part sink in: Vin Diesel is an immortal witch hunter. You don’t want to admit you’re intrigued, but come on, you’re among friends here. You totally want to see Vin Diesel / Riddick / Dominic Toretto fights monsters with a sword.


(Semi-Honorable Mention: If director Paul McGuigan’s Victor Frankenstein really is the sum of its parts – pun totally intended – it’s difficult not to be intrigued by a movie with James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe playing monster-maker Victor Frankenstein and his partner, Igor, respectively.)


The Holiday Movie: Krampus (December 4)

Nothing says Christmas like a movie about a dysfunctional family whose holiday troubles bring down the wrath of a vengeful demon.


The Real Holiday Movie: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (December 18)

When I call The Force Awakens a “Holiday Movie,” I really mean, “A movie that makes you skip work and put off everything you need to do because seeing it is the most important thing to do.” Let’s face it: The long-awaited Star Wars sequel directed by J.J. Abrams isn’t just a movie you see around the holidays – it is a holiday.


Question of the Week: Which films are you looking forward to this fall?

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